FertilityCare New Zealand – empowering you to manage your fertility naturally.


FertilityCare New Zealand teaches a method of natural fertility regulation called the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS).

FertilityCare New Zealand gives women/couples an enhanced appreciation and understanding of their fertility, therefore enabling them to be active participants in monitoring and maintaining their reproductive and gynaecologic health.

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Creighton Model Fertility Care System (CrMS)

The CrMS is a method of natural fertility regulation, which teaches a woman/couple to accurately identify the time of ovulation in their cycle. The naturally occurring phases of fertility and infertility can be determined with precision using this charting method, therefore couples may use this information to achieve or avoid a pregnancy.  A medical interpretation of the woman’s chart can give valuable clues to assist the diagnosis of reproductive and gynaecological issues.